Assisi revisited

Assisi Revisited-collage

    On October 18 (Friday), The Peacemakers’ Circle, together with the Focolare Movement and Sanghabi, helped Rev. Fr. Carlos Reyes organize an interfaith gathering on LOVE & FORGIVENESS for the Episcopal Commission on Inter-religious Dialogue (ECID) of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). It was a culminating activity of the 3-day Church Conference on New Evangelization, and this was attended by about five thousand Catholics from around the country. We at The Peacemakers’ Circle (led by Orlan de Guzman, Jr. and Sanghabi) were privileged to have been part of the opening prayer ritual of the interfaith program. Later, in his testimonial, Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, asked for forgiveness (for the sins of the Church) from the leaders and members of the different religions and faith traditions who were present. He was well applauded, and some of the members of the assembly were visibly moved.

    Congratulations Fr. Caloy, Ted and Asela Arago, Fr. Richard Babao, Val Brillo, Bong Baybado, Orlan, Leo, Reimon, Jackie of Sanghabi, Sharon, Shakun, Tomomi, Norio, Imam Moxsir, Aleem Said Basher, Tet Gallardo, Lama Damdul, Sister Becky, our friends from Ananda Marga, Venerable Miao Jin, Dada Premanayanda, and all our friends in the interfaith community who were there to help make the event memorable!

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